LinkedIn Lead Gen

LinkedIn Marketing

Because LinkedIn is the largest professional network worldwide.

What is LinkedIn Lead Gen?

At Imactions we created this solution to attract clients that you would find it hard to reach even online or offline. We use LinkedIn to build a professional network based on your own targeting requirements.

How does it work?


Vertical search and location search.


We analyze and identify the target.


We communicate with potential clients.


We convert connections into leads.


Generate new business opportunities through the biggest B2B network of the globe.

Generate prospects for your business.

Build a long-term professional network.

Case Study:


  • It’s hard to generate leads with big companies through a direct contact with the key decision maker.


  • Identify the vertical search with the greatest potential for service offering.
  • Build a network of potential key decision makers.
  • Feed the network and invite connections to face to face meetings.


  • Campaign length: 6 months
  • Connections made: 323
  • Leads generated: 42
  • New customers: 3

Our new clients:

We know it works, though this might not serve everyone.

Let’s see if it fits you!