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The magic of Google AdWords resides in the short-term business results we can have. What is the key? The Key is not only the strategy design but also the daily campaign management. That is what we do at Imactions.

We consider both Google AdWords and SEO transactional solutions because they show your company in the search as a result of the user’s need. Both technologies are in the same Universe but they are both different worlds, with their pros and cons clearly defined. In this case, we are looking for short-term results so we use Google AdWords as the most effective treatment led by the right hands & minds.

The combination of SEO & Google AdWords has demonstrated to be the key to sales increase in million businesses.

The most important





What can you expect from us?

An intelligent digital strategy in line with your needs and goals.

Monitoring and daily optimization of the campaign.

Work on your conversion rate to attain the best results without increasing your investment on Google AdWords.

Our work team members are Google certified technicians, who will be working on your campaign.

Reporting y seguimiento telefónico para que esté al tanto de la performance de su inversión y el progreso de la campaña.

Where are you? How can we help?

I’ve never done Google AdWords.

  • Acquire a thorough understanding on your business and a market analysis to design an effective strategy.
  • Hire a professional third party to avoid the risk of losing the investment and the bitter outcome of zero results.
  • Maximize your investment for each $1 spent.

I’m doing Google AdWords by myself, but I’m not getting the expected results.

  • Auditing your account. Spotting mistakes, and analyzing the situation to differentiate what is worth and what is worthless.
  • Identifying growth opportunities.
  • Stopping capital loss that might not be seen.
  • Maximizing and optimizing what works fine in the campaign.
    Developing a business growth strategy

I’m not sure if my current provider is giving me the best results.

  • Offering a free consultant service, without tricky hooks and only for diagnosing the needs.
  • Setting clear objectives and doable goals.

They say.

Managing Google AdWords is not an easy task. You might not be getting the expected results due to la lack of knowledge and constant training to make it work properly. You should have you return on investment.

Give us a call! We are here to guide you.