Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?.

You could Google that, but we’d rather tell you about it. It’s the ability to show your company on top of the list of the Internet Search Engine when the customer is looking for what you’re offering. An effective SEO campaign is the right way to make your business grow. There are many search engines, but we focus on Google that has the largest market share in almost every country in the world.

As your customers search on Google

your company has to be found on Google.

How we do it?.

Keyword research

Identifying the most effective keywords for your business to match the customers’ search.


Developing fresh new content with added value to be found by users.


Generating quality traffic on your website 24/7

Google Best Practices

Enhancing your website following Google guidelines and respecting policies and procedures.


Creating strong connections related to your industry to gain market authority.


Optimizing your conversion rate.

How long it takes to see results?

Web positioning is a mid-long term strategy, where you can see results after 3-6 months. Those results will keep growing progressive and naturally on a monthly basis. It could happen before or after, depending on the industry and other technical drive forces.

What we can take for granted is that the first months (1-2) will be a period of investing with zero revenue (it can happen in exceptional cases), and this is one of the reasons we set clear expectations to our clients.  We honestly say this from the beginning to avoid conflict or future misunderstanding. No monkey business.

Let’s talk about $$

We don’t have fixed prices, but we offer an orientation guide. It’s impossible to know the exact amount of money it’s going to cost without knowing your goals, your industry, situation and starting point.

Price will vary depending on:

Industry competitors and marketing scope.


Level of commercial aggressiveness.

Ability to work.

Our unique business attribute

We identify the perfect audience for your business.

We focus on new Visits at the most important pages of your website.

Our content development is fully connected to your audience.

We convert “clicks” into “customers”.


We are leaders in Web Positioning: not because we say so, but because it’s demonstrated by the results.

We will show you everything.