After working for many years in the industry of digital marketing, national and international, on March 28th 2012, we created Imactions. It all started with the seed of a magic feeling of personal and professional satisfaction. It’s amazing how much we enjoy helping businesses to develop using digital marketing tools and our knowledge.

We have the Know How, we love what we do, and we always want to learn more. So it all led us to say: “Let’s turn our passion into our work. Let’s make a living out of this.”


Jean Pierre Jesses

Jean Pierre Jesses

AKA - Jeanpi

Entrepreneur since he was a boy, just like his dad. Travel lover and crazy for digital marketing.

Ignacio Pastorino

Ignacio Pastorino

AKA - Nacho

Curious and nerdy. Books lover and very techy guy.

Value Propostion

We don’t sell products. We sell solutions.

It sounds simple, but it’s not.

Our job consists of promoting and helping your business grow providing a smart solution aligned with your goals, budget and ability to work.

There is more to say.. But it’s better to watch

Wanna talk?

We guarantee that there will be a good take-away for you at no cost.