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LinkedIn Marketing

Why is it the largest professional network in the world?

What is LinkedIn Lead Gen?

It’s a solution that we developed at Imactions in order to capture clients through other channels (digital as well as offline) that are hard to reach. We create in LinkedIn a professional network of connections that focus on your target.

How does it work?


We run both vertical and location search.


We perform a thorough analysis to identify the desired target.


We communicate with potential customers.


We make a lead out of the connection.


Opens up new business opportunities through the biggest B2B network in the world.

Generates prospects for your business.

Builds a professional network that you can use in the long term. tells us their story


  • It’s hard to generate leads with big companies because we can’t get a hold of the key decision maker.


  • Identify high potential verticals for tecnologia5’s services.
  • Build a network of potential key decision makers.
  • Feed the group and invite the connections to a face-to-face meeting.


  • Campaign length: 6 months
  • Connections made: 323
  • Leads generated: 42
  • New customers: 3

Our new clients:

We know it works, but it’s not for everybody.

Let’s talk about your case!

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