Conversion Rate Optimization

Raise the number of queries without increasing your online investment

This is one of our favorite examples to show you how it works:

Website A

“Dog food”

Website B

“The best dog food”

Website C

“The best dog food, or money back guarantee.”

Which one would you call? Answer: C

Not only can a simple word trigger more or less sales but also, each element of your website affects the conversion: colors, fonts, backgrounds, buttons, icons, layout, etc.

With CRO we identify these elements and shift them around so as to optimize your conversion rate.

A simple detail can make the different and we are willing to prove this to you.

Let numbers speak for themselves:


1000 visits, make 10 queries = 1% Conversion Ratio.


50 visits, make 10 queries = 20% Conversion Ratio.

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